The young brand Snack-Snack is emerging to new level. Due to product quality and high demand, the company has become very popular and now making new offers. At the beginning the list of our partners included: Aeromar, Yandex, Azbuka Vkusa etc., now we have more- the top hotels in Moscow.

A new glass jar gave the product a special charm and a new tactile sensation! The first results: Korston 4*, Palmira 4*, Brighton 4* hotels are conquered. Next in line we have Ritz-Carlton 5*, Four Seasons 5* and National 5*.

The company has found for itself a new market segment and rapidly accelerates the process of its capture. Lower quality assortment of hotel products are deduced in favor of domestic brand Snack-Snack, so the supply increases and all this thanks to the powerful sales department of our brand.

At the moment, bright mixes fly around the world by five airlines, but in six months from now the snacks will definitely settle abroad, including hotels.