The Open Joint Stock Company «Urozhaynoye» – new partner of the Forum SKYSERVICE 2017!


The Open Joint Stock Company «Urozhaynoye» conducts its activities since 2002 and seems to be the one of the most progressive agricultural enterprises of Southern Russia. Cultivation, storage and production facilities of our company are located in Stavropol region in the eco-friendly area.

We use only advanced technologies of cultivation, storage and processing of agricultural production. It allows us keeping continued high quality of vegetables, and first of all potatoes, during total period of storage, up to harvesting in the next season.


In 2015, our company launched production of unique products under the La Batata trademark. The innovative production technology is developed by our technologists and engineers and patented in more than 190 countries of the world. Accumulated experience and applied technologies allow us constantly improving quality and quantitative indices of our activity.


To maintain the quality of our production at a constantly high level, we:

- carefully and with concern treat the nature and natural resources;

- strive to use only modern technologies at all stages of our activity;

- are aimed at long-term and effective cooperation with our clients and partners.