Com-Dental Company has become a new partner of the International Forum SKYSERVICE 2017!

Com-Dental Company for fifteen years are in the dental market is on three main areas of service:

• luxury oral care dental cosmetics

• Professional hygiene

• equipping clinics dental and surgical instruments

• Dental surgery and implantology

• All our destinations harmoniously linked and complement each other, which are reflected in the logo of the group Com-Dental companies. Many of our ideas and projects at one time were entirely new and unique for the Russian market. One of the most important and promising and popular on dental market trends - this is professional hygiene and prevention. Com-Dental Company is the exclusive distributor for the whole territory of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the unique products of the Swiss company CURADEN, which include two directions Curaprox and Swiss Smile. The company's philosophy is an individual approach in solving the problems of oral health for every patient. Exclusive and impeccable quality of our products has gained immense popularity all over the world and is now sold in the best Russian shopping centers, such as the Tsum, Gum, Vesna, Vremena Goda, Smolensky Passage, Crocus City Mall and many others, as well as the best shopping sites Worldwide.

Since April 2011, the dental cosmetics for oral cavity care Swiss Smile, sold on all domestic and international flights Aeroflot, gaining immense popularity among the passengers.

• The company now Com-Dental works with more than 2,000 dental clinics throughout Russia, with all the best networks of beauty-retail, network pharmacy, beauty salons and fitness centers.

• One of our principles is the uncompromising quality of products offered. "The disappointment of poor quality lasts much longer than the joy of low prices" - this concept is shared by all our customers.

Information about brand Swiss Smile

A smile can change the world - Swiss Smile

Swiss Smile specialises in the development, production and marketing of high quality cosmetic dental and mouth care products. We are internationally active and the leading luxury brand in the field of dental beauty care. You can find Swiss Smile products in selected beauty shops, department stores and pharmacies as well as in renowned dentist practices or exclusive luxury hotels and their spas.

Symbiosis of Swiss pioneering spirit and 40 years of

We combine Swiss pioneering spirit with proven expertise, based on long-lasting experience in dental cosmetics. Swiss Smile's exclusive dental care range draws on the competence of Swiss dental care pioneer CURADEN who has been internationally active in dental prophylaxis for over 40 years. Globally, we engage in information exchange with almost 200'000 dentists in over 60 countries.

Luxury, timeless design und aesthetics

Luxury means to be able to dispense with the unnecessary. What remains is timeless design, reduced to highest aesthetic standards. The Swiss Smile mouth cosmetics range is progressive, modern, high quality and exclusive. With each of our products we define a new benchmark in dental and mouth care. Our products combine timeless design and highest aesthetic standards with innovative technology and first class functionality, attuned to day and night care needs. High quality materials and luxurious ingredients make Swiss Smile an unparalleled daily feel-good experience.

Revolutionary care system

Swiss Smile's unique, revolutionary care system is attuned to daily use and individual needs of both day and night care in dental and mouth care. The day care range has a vitalising effect, while the night care products have regenerative properties. Innovative ingredients and a mild formula provide daily effective, yet gentle dental care. Dental and mouth care have never been more exclusive.