“Rossiya Airlines” refreshes on-board menu

Starting from January 23, 2017 CJSC Aeromar branch «Aeromar - St. Petersburg» has updated inflight meals menu for “Rossiya Airlines” for flights departing from Pulkovo airport.

Business class passengers would be offered a new “hot appetizers” or “hot lunch/breakfast” menu. The menu varies according to the duration of the flight. Economy class passengers would be offered a new menu including sandwich, snack or hot meal. All the menus were totally updated in comparison with the menu of the year 2016.

About “Rossiya Airlines”:

“Rossiya Airlines” (legal title JSC “Rossiya Airlines”) is Russian airline, part of group of companies “Aeroflot”, based in St. Petersburg. The company performs about 40% of all flights from Pulkovo airport. The main carrier’s airports of location are Pulkovo (St. Petersburg) and Vnukovo (Moscow).

Official web-site of the airline - «www.rossiya-airlines.com»