17 years on guard the protection, care and health

International Corporation Aseptica has become a new partner of the International Forum SKYSERVICE 2017!

International Corporation Aseptica manufactures and distributes wet hygienic napkins, sets of food service, perfume and cosmetic products, which are an integral part of the service on a board of aircraft. The total number of permanent partners more than 500: Russian and foreign brands.

The level of service on a board of aircraft is often the deciding factor when choosing a carrier. Quality service consists of many details that create a comfortable atmosphere during all flight. A slight nuance can improve or make worse the view of the passenger about airline operation. The main factors when choosing suppliers of products or services are providing quality service on board the aircraft are: experience, quality of products and competitive pricing. International Corporation Aseptica more than 17 years is a manufacturer and supplier of wet hygienic napkins including Airline Company. Moreover, International Corporation Aseptica is manufacture and supplier sets of in-flight catering, including: disposable spoons, forks, portioned sugar, salt and pepper. Company produces wide range of products: antiseptic wipes with 70% ethyl alcohol, perfume and cosmetic products, bandages, etc.

SKYSERVICE 2017 is a large international civil aviation event dedicated to the development of on-board airline services.

The event will take place in Gostiny Dvor - a prestigious venue, unique architectural monument situated in the historic center of Moscow, 100 meters from the Kremlin.

SKYSERVICE 2017 is more than 1500 visitors, 40 airlines, 100 exhibitors and 1000 m2 of exhibition area!

We’ll be happy to see you on April 26-27, 2017, from10.00 a.m. till 06.00 p.m. in Gostiny Dvor at the International Forum SKYSERVICE 2017!