Culinary show at SkyService 2017

The culinary show is a series of cooking master-classes and plating techniques given by “Aeromar” Executive chef and renowned Russian chefs.

The program of the culinary show will consist of food tasting from Aerfolot’s Business Class menu, wine tasting from the renowned wine producers and suppliers and the barmen show.

The executive head-chefs (Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy, Chefs of the "Twins" / "Wine and Crab" restaurants; Andrey Shmakov, the executive chef of the hotel "Metropol"; Sergey Suschenko, brand-chef of the restaurant chain "Chayhona №1") will demonstrate the best inflight dishes in the following categories: soups, cocktail snacks, hot dishes with poultry, fish, meat and vegetarian hot dishes.

Thierry Mona - executive Chef. A Frenchman of Swiss origin; an expert in inflight catering with over 30 years of experience.